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The Most Comprehensive Program for
Launching Your Career in the High-Tech Industry

Data Analysis

Use data in order to generate business insights, and help various teams in the company solve problems through data analysis.

Training start date:

39 sessions in total

Sundays & Wednesdays

The program mostly takes place on Zoom, with some classroom meetings

34 female participants
in each cohort

A team of diverse women, committed and prepared to take a leap in their career

The training will be conducted in Hebrew and English

The Basic Skill Boot Camp will be conducted in English and the professional training in Hebrew

Program Syllabus

(Changes may occur throughout the program)

Tech onboarding
In order to launch a career in hi-tech, you need to understand the language and the culture. You need to be professional, while also being adaptable. In this course, you will acquire the skills and learn how to be at your best in a technological environment - think differently about the world of employment, gain data related skills, and understand different working methods, terms, and concepts.
Learn to master the Structured Query Language, broadly used to query data which is stored in various rational DBs
Analyst Full Cycle
Understand the working process of Data Analyst and learn different methods and best practices used in each working phase.
Power BI
Learn to master a leading Data visualization tool, which enables to execute complex data analysis and make it available as dashboards and reports for business users.
Data visualization & storytelling
Practice your ability to pass on your message using data and learn how to make it simple, clear and accurate.
Final Project
Demonstrating an end to end data analysis work and builds a solid experience to be used in future interviews.
Professional Interview Simulations
Senior Data Analysts from various organizations will simulate professional interviews and provide feedback at the end.

Overview of the Training Team

A team of industry experts (changes may occur throughout the program)

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 17.42
Adi Cohen
Data Analyst Instructor
Yasmin Yushin-2
Yasmin Yushin
Data Analyst Instructor
Anna Bronshtein

Data Vertical Lead

Hadar Brod Gdalia
Program Manager
Eini Petchersky
Eini Petchersky
Student Outcome
& Career Development  
Naama Zipory Abir
Student Outcome
& Career Development  
Adi Black
Operations Manager

Do You Have Anymore Questions?

Who is the program for?
Anyone who can commit to eight hours of attendance per week, Sunday and Wednesday 16:00-20:00, and has good English. Even if you are a young mother who is working in another profession but interested in retraining, you are welcome to apply.
How can you get accepted into the program?
The selection process consists of website registration, a screening test, self-presentation through a video recording, and, finally, a personal interview.
Are there any prerequisites for the program?
The program aims to facilitate the integration of women into professions where they are underrepresented, making it equally suitable for individuals without prior experience or technological studies. A good level of English is required.
Why Data Analysis​?
Many professionals have already defined the period we are in as the beginning of the Data era, others have already marked Data as "the new gold". Today it is clear to all that Data is everywhere and is becoming an essential tool for the growth of industries and organizations.
What are the program requirements?
Full availability and attendance on Sundays and Wednesdays 16:00-20:00. High commitment to a process which includes homework that requires between one to two hours per week.
What practical skills will I acquire upon completing the course?
Besides learning the basic tools used by a data analyst, the program allows you to acquire knowledge and working methods of those involved in the profession, along with a new way of thinking - more analytical, more critical, based on numbers.
What makes AccelHERate's program more successful than other courses on the market?
The AccelHERate program is the first program exclusively designed for women in non-technical roles within the high-tech industry, aiming to encourage their participation in professions where they are currently underrepresented. This program features leading experts in the field and is completely free of charge. The program provides tailored support to women and addresses the unique challenges they encounter when entering the industry.
Is it really possible to find a job in Data at the end of the program?
The industry is currently facing a significant shortage of professionals with data-related skills. Our training program is specifically designed to fill the needs of organizations, ensuring that upon completion, you will possess the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in interviews for positions such as Data Analyst and Business Analyst.